The central meeting place for connoisseurs of fine dining and lovers of exotic cocktails.

Of all the restaurants and bars in Phnom Penh, Barb & Lotus stands alone as a beacon of class and style in the city’s center.

From its fresh nautical theme, luxurious lounges and flawless service to its vast range of beers, wines and liquors (imported and local), our establishment has no peer in the central business district.

Best of all, our menu is a truly unique treat for your tastebuds, with cocktails designed by some of the world’s best mixologists and original creations by our world-class chef.

What do you get when the best Khmer chef in the city is challenged to reinvent your favourite Western dishes? The result is a menu of startling but scrumptious delicacies – exotic flavours, seductive aromas and striking presentation.

Let’s not forget our custom cocktails, courtesy of our team of talented alchemists. These seductive secrets are native to the Barb & Lotus – treasures of the deep, created with our fun ocean theme in mind. These thirst-quenchers will take your palette on a journey. But we do advise our guest to avoid operating heavy machinery after sampling some of the more potent concoctions, like The Perfect Storm or Don’t Be Koi.

Try our thirst-quenching cocktails.


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Find us on the ground floor of Pacific Hotel.